Kseniya Markevich

Ksenia Markevich. Born in Moscow, May 22th, 1976. Graduated from a music school in piano, as well as from a children's choral studio "Swallow".

After finishing school entered the Russia State Humanitarian University to the faculty of art.

Began attending classes in choral opera studio at the Moscow State University.
Never having graduated from the University, attended the ISI (Institute of Contemporary Art) at the faculty of academic vocals, which graduated with honors in 2000.
Used to cooperate with the group «Butterfly Temple» (1996), also played in her own project.

In 1998, Xenia gave birth to a daughter, Eugene. After recording «Veles» and «Wheel of Chernobog» Xenia leaves the project due to serious illness of her mother.

In 2002 she returns to «Butterfly Temple» and takes part in recording of their album «Path of Blood to the Will of the Kind».
Due to insurmountable differences in the BT, Xenia and Lesyar leave the group to create their own project – «Nevid».

After recording two albums together the group decided to dismiss Xenia.
In summer of 2007 Xenia and Nikita Andriyanov (guitar, ex «Nevid») begin rehearsals for their new project – «Kalevala».

Their debut album was released in spring-2008.





Butterfly Temple «Veles» (1999) - Irond (2002)


Butterfly Temple «Koleso Chernoboga» (2001) Irond 


Butterfly Temple «Tropoy krovi po vole Roda» (2003) - Irond 


Nevid «Zov Novoy Giperborei» (2005) - Irond 


Nevid «Yarga» (2007) - Irond 


Kalevala «Kudel Belosnezhnogo L'na» (2008) Sound Age Production


Kalevala - "Coockushkiny Deti" (2009) - Metalism Records


Kalevala - "Vedma" 2010 ( Sound Age Production)

Kalevala - "Son-Reka" single 2011 ( Sound Age Production)

Kalevala - "Osen v Stile Folk" LP 2012 ( Sound Age Production) - acoustic concert in  Rock House club, Moscow

Kalevala - "Luna i Grosh" LP 2013 ( Sound Age Production)

Kalevala - "Blizzard"  2017 ( Sound Age Production)