A video clip for the song "Snezhnyi Dom" ("The House Of Snow") by Kalevala

Greetings everyone! Today we proudly present our freshest music video for our song "Snezhnyi Dom"("The House Of Snow"), which was released on the "Luna & Grosh"("The Moon And Sixpence) album. Several cold February days of shooting were finaly shaped and done into this unique and outstanding video.
We really want you to enjoy this work of our international team, so please have your seats, the blizzard starts now!
Production: Pushba Studio http://studio.pushba.ru/
Director: Pushba
Directors of photography: Manfred Baulig, Сергей Алексеев
Cameraman: Manfred Baulig
Animation director: Сергей Алексеев, Pushba
Script: Pushba, Manfred Baulig
Make-up: https://vk.com/d_ioannidi
Cut: Manfred Baulig
Special thanks to Nikolai Alekseev and Dmitriy Varg.