Prague, Czech Republic

05/10/2016 - 17:00


Kalevala is a band with an 8 years long history and is one of the leaders in the Russian folk-metal scene. Now they are breaking into Europe to share their folk with the new listeners. Cheerful, catchy Russian melodies, the sound of the balalayka and accordion, thrilling and emotional female vocals with melodic guitar parts, and the best of the Russian folk – that is the working formula of the band. They tell the stories based on the tales and myths of different nations of Russia: Slavs, Marians, Karelians, and Cossacks. Also the personal stories, the poems of Ksenia (the front woman of the band) and the more melancholic, emotional side of the band will touch the heart of any listener.

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Vstup / Entry - 150,- // 6€
začátek / start - 20:00